Our Mission is to utilize our individual expertise and specialties to provide comprehensive services to the south Texas community.

Dr. Samuel Faulkner

Sam is a Cognitive Behavior Therapist with over forty years experience as a therapist and counselor. Sam is dedicated to the belief that everyone is capable of overcoming past hurts, finding joy and peace in their life and living to their full potential. Sam believes it is important to accept people where they are and help them to move forward by resolving past trauma and helping to heal past abuse. He is kind, compassionate, and caring.

Sam specializes in helping people who are struggling with addiction, and he provides services to the entire family. He is trained in Reality Therapy and also uses client-centered therapy and motivational interviewing to help clients set and attain therapeutic goals. Clients consistently rate him as a skilled and competent therapist who is non-judgmental and accepting. He strives to create an atmosphere where clients feel safe and comfortable with sharing their issues. In addition to working with addictions, Sam also helps those struggling with: anxiety, depression, and dual diagnoses (addiction and mental illness that co-occur together).

Sam has earned a Ph.D. in Social Work and a Master’s in Science in Social Work (MSSW) (both from the University of Texas at Arlington), he also holds a Master’s in Counseling Education (Texas A&M – Corpus Christi) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (also from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi). He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Texas) and the author of two text books (one on substance abuse/addiction’s counseling and a book about conducting research in the social sciences). In addition, he is the author of numerous articles.