Our Mission is to utilize our individual expertise and specialties to provide comprehensive services to the south Texas community.


Grant/Proposal Writing

The Faulkner Counseling Group offers consultation services in two main areas: grant/proposal writing and program evaluation. Our proposal writers will work with your agency to help find funding for your projects, or if you have existing Request for Proposals (RFP) we will be happy to prepare a complete application for you. All of our services are based on a contingency basis: you pay nothing until you receive grant dollars and then you pay us ten (10) percent of the total money you are funded. There are no risks or obligations for your agency – we agree to absorb all of the up-front costs of preparing your proposal. We have a proven track record of writing successful grants, and are confident of our ability to help you gain funding.

Program Evaluation

The second service we offer is program evaluation. As trained evaluators, we offer assistance with program planning (creating programs, writing objectives, goal setting and strategic planning). In addition, we are adept at evaluating programs and helping you to determine whether your program is meeting those stated outcomes. Today’s funding agencies are increasingly concerned that when they provide grant money to agencies, their money achieves the outcomes they intended. Our program evaluators can help to determine whether your program is on track to achieve desired results by employing process reviews at various points in the grant year and at the end of the funding cycle with an outcome evaluation.